Imperial Construction Who we are and what we can do for you.

When it comes to property developers and estate agents in Cyprus, Imperial Construction offers you the perfect combination of experience, stability and expertise. We started dealing in property sales and residential developments in the UK and Cyprus in 1986.

With so many people realising the benefits of living in North Cyprus, or buying property here as an investment, it has become a highly sought-after destination. Offering the exotic and the practical, it has a perfect climate and is one of the last unspoiled parts of the Mediterranean region. With a wide and varied culture, rich history and welcoming people, you will soon discover why north Cyprus has been described as "a corner of earth touched by heaven".

We know that buying any property can be like walking through a minefield, especially when buying overseas. Without the necessary guidance and advice, something that should be virtually painless can quickly become a nightmare in the wrong hands. We have an enviable reputation for being friendly and approachable, yet utterly professional. With our assistance, your dream of owning a great home, whether for investment or use, will become a reality.

How It All Began

Imperial Construction is a father & son partnership, building high-end residential property in Northern Cyprus and the United Kingdom. It all started when we found ourselves being continually called upon to use our expertise, contacts and experience to assist friends, family and associates in all aspects of building or buying homes in Northern Cyprus. Ever since, we have endeavored to deliver to our valued customers, not just a house, but their real dream home. To us, the smiling face at the end is worth all the effort.

What Makes Imperial Construction Different From the Rest?

Unlike most other property development companies and estate agents in Cyprus, we are almost completely self-sufficient, with the bare minimum of work being sub-contracted to outside firms. The Imperial team includes in-house construction workers, architects, civil engineers, site managers, wood and metal craftsmen and web team. Our sales and after-sales team are knowledgeable and helpful and will assist you step by step to guide you through any buying or building procedure. We know how to make buying a home in north Cyprus a truly enjoyable and easy experience.

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